Ukrainian Flag

Having survived Twilight with French help, Ukraine has done well for itself, even establishing an extraterrestrial colony.


  • Population: 36,294,000 (42% urban, 48% rural)
  • Literacy 94%
  • College Education: 79%
  • Life Expectancy: 93.0 male, 97.2 female
  • Largest Cities: Kiev (6,549,000), Odessa (4,548,000), Kharkov (2,435,000)


  • Industrial Capacity: 2.4 Rudell Units
  • Mineral Production: 3%, net importer of metals and radioactives
  • Power Production: 67% (48% solar, 32% afomic, 20% mineral), net importer of power
  • Principal Trading Partners: France, Russia, European community

History Since Twilight

As part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine suffered greatly through the 20th century. Two world wars, occupation, mass killings, and starvation did not break the spirit of the Ukrainian people as they finally achieved independence towards the dawn of the 21st century. But Twilight made all the suffering of the previous century pale in comparison.

Almost four-fifths of the Ukrainian population died, as Ukraine’s cities, industrial plants, and military facilities (too near the central European battlefields for their own good) were razed while famine and disease ravaged the population. The reconstruction of Ukraine had much to do with French aid to central and eastern European states.

For French strategists, supporting a Francophile Ukrainian state would play a vital role in buttressing a potentially revivalist Russia as Twilight wound to a close. Despite the carnage of Twilight War, there were still more Russians than French in Europe, and Russia had potential to become a power once more.

Ukrainian agriculture was key to French plans. Given limited French aid, the farmers of Ukraine prospered despite their country’s fallout-and bio-war contaminated cropland. In a world deprived of American farm exports, Ukraine’s marginal surplus proved to be the margin between survival and death for millions of Europeans. That it also secured the country’s independence, under a coalition of western Ukrainian warlords, was a largely unanticipated benefit.

In the mid-21st century, Ukrainian militias moved east and southeast, into territories formerly Russian. Over 2030-2060, modern Ukraine took its basic form. The population exploded as the government promoted large families, and immigration also played a role since Ukraine tended to be stabler than the other former Soviet states.

Russian-Ukrainian relations deteriorated sharply, with a resurgent Russia eyeing Ukraine for its agricultural and petrochemical resources. A brief invasion in towards the end of Twilight began with the successful occupation of Kyiv, but French and Bavarian assistance (and troops) arrived to assist the Ukrainians in driving the Russians out.


In the 22n d century, Ukraine began to get involved in humanity’s push into space. Ukraine naturally gravitated towards the ESA bloc, and although Ukraine in the 22nd century never made a significant push into space on its own it did make notable contributions to the programs of the other ESA powers, especially France and Bavaria.

In the 2180s and 2190s, Bavaria offered Ukraine a limited immigration quota of farmers to settle the plains of Nordost Garten; this was followed by the [New Crimea] enclave on Nibelungen in 2201.

These two successes inspired many Ukrainians to consider establishing a colonial empire of their own. Granted that Ukraine lacked the large Terrestrial holdings of France, or the mature extraterrestrial holdings of France, Britain, and Bavaria, it was still a considerable European nation, the sixth-largest in the European Community by population and one of the leading global economies. More importantly, from the 2220s on Ukraine had its own domestic reserves of tantalum, hoarded from newly-discovered mines in the Caucasus.

New Kiyv

The world was found in 2240, when Le Chercheur returned to Earth from Eta Bootis with data from the system’s survey, including extensive information on the garden world of Eta Bootis IIc. Almost before the information was dispersed among ESA member states, in 2241 the Ukrainian government applied for and received an ESA charter to exploit the commercial potential of Eta Bootis IIc in exchange for promised development royalties. Three years later a Ukrainian colonial expedition headed by Vasily Martos and Polkovnik Yuri Leonivich Kamarov arrived in the Eta Bootis system aboard a leased colony transport converted from the aging French bulk freighter Sans Fa├žon. This expedition chose, as site for the new colony, a mountainous island continent astride the equator in the eastern hemisphere which offered some shelter from the world’s fierce storms. World, continent, and colony all were proudly named “New Kiyv.”


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