Beta Comae Berenices

Beta Comae Berenices System
Position: Primary (A)
Spectral Class: G0 V
Color: Yellow
Type: Main Sequence Star
Coordinates: -22.9X, -7.2Y, 12.8Z
Mass: 1.04.Sol
Absolute Bolometric Magnitude: 4.66
Effective Surface Temperature: 6000°K
Luminosity: 1.21.Sol
Radius: 1.03.Sol
Life Zone: 0.90 au – 1.32 au
Optimum Distance: 1.10 au

The Star

Beta Comae Berenices is the second brightest star in the constellation in the triangle formed by Arcturus, Alpha Canum Venaticorum, and Beta Leonis. Notable is the human colony world of Nous Voila, one of six planets that circle the brilliant G0 star quite similar to Sol.

The Planets

The innermost world is a hot house called Senere. It has a dense water and ammonia atmosphere which has trapped the surface in tremendous pressure and heat from the greenhouse effect. A probe to the surface of the planet has indicated that the solid planetary chunk is quite small, only about 5,000 kilometers in diameter, but possibly rich in heavy metal deposits

The next world is Delecroix, which is slightly larger than Earth, but much less dense, and as a result has insufficient gravity to attract and hold a significant atmosphere. A manned expedition to Delecroix in 2213 failed to find significant mineral deposits or native life of any kind, dooming the planet to be virtually ignored, at least for the present.

For information on Nous Voila, please see its separate entry.

The outer three worlds are all gas giants, known arithmetically as Un, Deux, and Trois. The gas giants also have a collection of small worldlets, but none are worth noting. To date there have been no attempts to occupy or even seriously study any planet in the Beta Comae Berenices system outside the orbit of Nous Voila

Beta Comae Berenices

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